Bringing it to the table, literally

Why you should come do a farm tour with me.

We had a nice little break in the action for the 7 months of COVID lockdown. The beaches were vacant, the turtles were, well, doing what the turtles do, regardless of whether there are lines of tourists watching them flop awkwardly onto the beach. The sun still set, the tide still rose and we enjoyed some solace. However, now that Maui is open for business- those of us who serve the tourist population are ready to get back to work!

During my downtime, I got to do some thinking about how best to expand the experiential element of what I literally and figuratively, bring to the table. My passion was ignited as a chef when I was able to really connect to the source of my provisions. Whether it was harvesting wild mushrooms in the soggy Maine woods or hauling up myriad crustaceans out of the cold depths of the North Atlantic, moving to Maui has certainly expanded my mind in the realm of food sourcing. I desire to share this with my clients.

I had the very amazing fortune of landing our first rental on an organic farm that was in the process of being expanded. My landlady, a passionate foodie herself and I became fast friends and she was very instrumental in letting me practice and hone my craft as a culinary artist and forager with her as a captive audience and critic. I am forever grateful to her. The farm now is fully developed and bursting forth in abundance. I LOVE to tour the farm with any willing participants. It’s one of the loveliest views on Maui; bicoastal, expansive views of Ka’holawe, Molokini and the West Maui Mountains. Plus- its literally the best place to take family pics with plenty of tropical flora as well as a mini olive grove. I supply the machete, baskets and little to-go boxes as you will probably want to harvest your own goodies ( poha berries, surinam cherries, guavas, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, pineapple guava blossoms, blueberries, figs etc.) and we can look forward to utilizing some of your farm haul in your special dinner later that evening. Tours are 250.00 per family. Add a professional photographer for another 200.00 and document your farm tour with some amazing shots for that perfect Christmas card! Picnic lunch? Contact me for pricing on the full package with photos, tour, guided foraging and lunch. This is a private farm, which means, we will be the ONLY people there! Here’s what people are saying about their farm tour:

Says Stephanie S. from San Diego, “My favorite memory of my trip to Maui, so much in fact, that we came back to do another tour the following year! ” Kara B. From Atlanta, “An absolute must, Maja is such a great hostess, so knowledgeable and we learned so much! .” Deshawn and Kareen from Long Beach, “Our kids were so excited to run around pick, learn and see a totally different part of Maui from the tropical postcards. This place IS a postcard!”

I think it’s important to see how we “bring it to the table” both literally and figuratively.

Peyton from Scotts Valley, Ca making friends with the locals.

Harvesting organic coffee cherries in Keokea, Maui