Ohana means family

The Hawaiian word for family is ‘ohana. In our close knit community on the north shore of Maui, ohana is our village. We swap kids, we ship off our own, we carpool, we break bread, there may even be an occasional last minute dance party. We are there for each other and we are blessed by our ohana on Maui. I have had the great honor of working for many multi-generational family groups that venture to Maui, rent a large estate to house everyone and hire me to provide the food. My husband and I both come from large families- he being the oldest of 7 children and myself, sharing the middle child role with my identical twin sister with an older brother and younger sister, totaling 4 which in this day and age is considered a large family. I just love the dynamics: cousins, grandparents, spouses, etc. Its fun to see how everyone fits in the mix. Maui is the perfect place to provide ample activities for every member of family, for action sports extremists to world class spas and safe adventuring for all ages. Hiring a chef gives the guests the opportunity to just kick back and enjoy without the fuss of making dinner reservations, corralling small wandering children and, if you like to enjoy some libations – no worries because you can stay right where you are!

I consider the opportunity to serve and connect with a visiting family a great honor.

my ohana- from left to right, husband of 19 years, Peter, Anja age 18, Makai ( son) age 10 and Nora, age 15